Titan Gel Gold For Men Delay Cream
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Titan Gel Gold For Men Delay Cream

Titan Gel Gold For Men Delay Cream

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* The product is a reinforced version, which can effectively adjust the physiological function of men and restore the normal mechanism of men.

*  Make the penis enlarge and thicken, improve sexual function, extend sex time.

* Promote blood circulation, improve erectile ability and enhance men's charm.

* stimulate masculinity, and enhance men's glamour.

*  Prevent men's reproductive system hidden dangers, improve penis's hardness and endurance, improve sexual life quality.


How to use:

Wash and clean the private parts before use. You can fantasize some of the things that please yourself and make your penis erect, then extrude the gel and apply it to your private place, massage from inside to outside for 10-15 minutes. After use, do not wash immediately. In the evening before the break, use warm water to clean for about 10 minutes.