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Air bra 3pcs
Air bra 3pcs
Air bra 3pcs

Air bra 3pcs

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Product Description Designed specially for the woman of the 21st century, the Air Bra helps you give you those beauty that you have always desired. It has no loose traps, nor uncomfortable hooks or wires. The porous nature of the fiber acts as a net to trap odor-causing molecules where they can quickly decompose without releasing any odor. It allows air to be absorbed by it. It disperses moisture by pulling it away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. This bra is machine washable and dryer-safe. The best part is that its fiber is such that it immediately takes the shape of your body. It means that now you don’t have to buy new bras every time you gain or lose weight. It is light as air, and very comfortable. It is the perfect bra for woman of all ages, and is available in a size that is best suited for your body. It is the ultimate bra, and a must have in your wardrobe.